animal rubber bands

(K.O.P.O.) #1

So in my school everybody bassicly has these rubber bands that turn into animal shapes i was wondering if it was a local thing or if it was actually ligit


they are at my school too i live near columbus

(XxFlyingSquirrelxX) #3

People have them like crazy at my school

(Chase Baxter) #4

they are a number one seller for some reason :-\ they were on the AOL homepage too

(Q) #5

Never heard of them. Then again I’m in Iowa and we are three years behind

(yoyo jake) #6

there called silly bands and it actuall international and they turn into more than animals they can turn into anything, the rare ones are the glow in the dark, $ sign, the heart, the word rock and the frogs

(stephen_cameron) #7

My town’s school and my private school which include the whole eastern coast of MA have em.

(K.O.P.O.) #8

im in ohio so people around there will probable know of them

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #9

The seem like the dumbest idea ever because the rubber-band isn’t as efficient as a normal one. They are more like bracelets.

(K.O.P.O.) #10

thats bassicly what there used as oh and i found out these ones at my school are called zanny bands


yeah in my school they are popular, and i live in parkland florida


I’m wearing one that turns into a Longhorn right now :smiley:

(K.O.P.O.) #13

im wearing a dinosaur, lion, pig, and a dog

(M²) #14

could someone post a pic or two? i’d like to see these.

(K.O.P.O.) #15

i would but i dont have a camera i might borrow one but until then people be free to post pics or you could look up silly bands


sorry for any profanity, but we had these things, rubber bands, bracelets that were called “shag bands” (sorry :-\ ) but they are just so pathetic and stupid, watse of money and a wast of time, they only got banned in my school anyways!

(M²) #17

i agree, but why did they get banned in your school?


I have 2 sharks, a seahorse, a glow in the dark car (ehhh. WTH?) and a dollar.


Some people in my school have them. Mainly the fruit type.

(Chase Baxter) #20

i was bored when i was at toysrus looking for any good yoyos and i got the rock band silly bandz, there not that cool, just to look at