An actual IRC server.


The chat room is nice and all, but I’d MUCH rather connect to it via my client (xchat), rather than use a web client.

I would be happy to help run and maintain it, if need be.


I don’t think we really need it.

(SR) #3

I agree with Kim-Lan. I think our chat is awesome already.


I agree too. I like the chat. What the heck is an IRC server?..


Hehe. If you don’t know, you really shouldn’t be agreeing, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, it’s like a chat, but a chat that can be reached from different software clients and even through your browser. Although it does have some benefits, I don’t think there are enough people on here that use different IRC clients. André would have to get a new chat, since ours doesn’t use IRC, and from what I know, using an IRC widget wouldn’t offer all those extra things that our chat does. :slight_smile:

In the end, the majority of YoYoExpert’s Forum members would enjoy our current chat more and they wouldn’t benefit from an IRC server.

That’s just how I see it, but if there are really that many people here that have other chat clients that they use, well…


i agree