(Jei Cheetah) #1

So the other day, I was yoyoing on campus. And this guy comes up to me and watches me for a while, he says “Oh wow man, thats pretty awesome!” One of his friends comes up and says “Wow, you are lame.” Upon hearing this, the first guy spins around and throws a taco at the other guys face. But that guy was ready, and he had a loaded water gun appear totally out of nowhere and spray the first guy.
BUT THAT GUY WAS READY AS WELL! He deflected the blast with a distortion of reality ray that caused all of the water that should have hit him, hit the other guy.

Some people watching this whole ordeal take place decided that they wanted to yoyo too cause odd things to happen as well, so they went down to the machining class and machined there own super high quality metals and they started yoyoing. The dean of the school saw this and decided to close down all of the classes that day so they could hold a yoyo contest instead. There was a huge contest and I competed, there was this one guy who only picked up a yoyo that day and he could do amazing high scoring combos within the first minute of play. But somehow, I won the contest and won a 500,000 dollar scholorship and a month supply of the campus cafe’s signature bologna sandwiches!

Oh and by the way, the weird battle between the first 2 guys. Its still going on to this minute, they are now using anti-matter cannons and 5th dimensionary orange juice fire.

And I am eating a Bologna sandwich.



I completely believe everything you just said.

(R.C. Sproul) #3

Nice fanfic! We should start a board.


He didn’t say anything, so by saying that you’re saying you don’t believe what he wrote. And so you don’t beat me to it:



But I happen to know that Josh says whatever he writes.


i belived everything you said until yo under lined bolonga

(Troy(oyo) #7

I enjoyed your completely true story. There is somewhat of a trend of truthiness going around this forum. :smiley:

And thats awesome, i love bologna sandwiches.


I will tell Nicolas Sarkozy about this story


coming from josh… i know its true

(LookAYoYo) #10

Dude, what college. i want a sandwich




lol, that’s nice man.

(Jei Cheetah) #13

I see Icky moved this to unrelated section.
I challenge this publicly!
How was my post not yoyo related? I talked about yoyo’s in a yoyo experience of life.
This section is for “Yoyo unrelated” discussion.
How was my post not yoyo related in any way?


Yes, the sandwiches are wonderful, and the scholorship aint bad either.

Anyone want a bologna sandwich?


I 2nd the public challenge! Why are the other two fantastic yo-yo stories still in the general yo-yo section? This one is just as believable!

And yes, I’ll have one bologna sandwich please.




Tacos are so awesome! This is true! Believe it punk! Eat your fluffy!




was that really necessary? lol people now that its up here its funny as all hell! read it! im gonna say thanks for the necro (no sarcasm lol) :wink:


you high bro?


No, he isn’t. That story was obviously from his future self, silly. Couldn’t you tell?