Am i going luny?

(M²) #1

It seems that whenever my yoyo is not wound, i have to wind it back up. If i leave my unwound it drives me nuts for some reason… It sort of like a neat freak and a dirtly room. Am i the only yoyoer who’s like this?

(XxFlyingSquirrelxX) #2

I am the same way drives me crazy when its unwound.


It’s just a good habit to have. That way if somebody goes to try your yoyo, they don’t have to do anything before they throw it. Or if you go to throw it…Yeah…

(LookAYoYo) #4

not only if i have it unwond, but if i manually wound it up, like not snap starting or push starting, i have to throw at least once to get out the extra string

(M²) #5

yah, though for me, i usually throw again to get it tighter.


I am the same way! And i also throw it more than once.
It’s annoying to leave it unwound then getting the sudden urge to throw and then you gotta wind it up then urge gone…
So leave it wound then…“I gotta throw!” BOOM! Double or Nothing! Dismount! Bind! Take off. Put back. :]
“Woo! Glad that’s outta my system!” No?


Yeah, I always keep it winded. Even if I get a knot, and I want to stop playing, I’ll get it out, and put it back. Imagine if you forgot you had a knot in one of your yoyos and you decide to use it… BAM!


Idk if that’s ever happened to somebody but imagine if it happened when someone else tried to use it!.. I bet it would be hilarious!
“I told ylou not to touch my yoyo! It’ll attack you!” Lol. :smiley:

(Runez4lyf) #9

Yer thats really funny…

Untill you forget that it has a knot up like Samad said. OUCH!


,/ (-_-) ,/


That has happened to me before. Then i got the knot out and binded and the string caught too much and BAM!

(M²) #11

…more than once…

(Runez4lyf) #12

Infact I just came on YYE to say I just did it ow :frowning:


i always have it wound up