Alphabet Game


You Start With A Word That Starts With A Then A Word That Starts With B Then C D E F G And So On. When Someone Gets To Z Then Start All Over Again.

When Someone Gets To Z The Next Person To View This Topic Starts All Over With A.

Ready? I Will Start.

A As In Airplane


B as in Bad Thread.

Just kidding! :stuck_out_tongue:
This actually seems like a really cool thread. :slight_smile:


cool, C as in card

i really want to do yoyo for y


D as in Die-Nasty


E as in Easy


F for Fabulous.

Cool idea for a game!


G as in G funktastic


H as in Ham String


I as in Icon


J as in Jack


K as in Kernel of corn


L as Lame (is the number of people who have posted, cuz this could turn out to be really funny, but nobody is posting… :frowning: )

(Jei Cheetah) #13

W for Why in the hay was this thread necro’d from 09 and how did the individual even find it.


x as for … X-ray mabey?


Z as in Zebra.

I actually participated in this Necro. Sweet.

Tbh, I didn’t even realize it was from 2009. I just posted since it was on the first page.

Doesn’t make it a bad thread, I think we should continue with it.


A as in Post-apocalyptic attack


B for Bear vs Man

I didn’t realize it was posted in 2009


C for Canada.


D for Dog (I look through old posts and found this thread)


e as in electric