Hey im just wonderin how many people play airsoft.

What gun do you have?


I does!


I used to play Airsoft, but I got really busy with school and the SCAA (south carolina airsoft association) doesn’t allow minors to play anymore :’(

(JonasK) #4

I used to do it with some spring shotgun. It actually hit pretty hard (like 89 meters per second). But then when some locals decided to go real serious and spend sick amounts of money on these mad automatic guns. That took away all the fun.

(Raphael) #5

I used to, I won $10 and whooped his sorry _______

(JosephP) #6

i have a gun but i dont play


I hate airsoft it sucks. but paintball is fun because it hurts way more and it’s fun to see my friends in pain.


i wanted to but the state i live in has really strict laws on toy guns that kinda look like real guns …iiiiii dont think i need to go into the details of what happened. lol


ya but my mp5 is so good. but paintball is way better more stragety outdoor and go to high velocity .com and the one in ny with the wwII map and all these cool maps to play on


Correct me on this if need be, but I’m pretty sure that as long as you have the orange tip, it’s totally legal.

Paintball is more expensive. That’s the reason I don’t do it often. If I had gazillions of dollars, I would, because for some reason I think it’s more fun.


I also tried this once but had to go to the hospital becvause of it. and that it is nail guns but those hurt alot.


I try not to but my airsoft avid brother keeps buying me guns…so I have an Echo 1 Steyr Aug with a scope and a TM MP5k with extended magazines and a foldable stock.


All I have to say is lucky.


Are you and your freinds emo?
[Yes they are!]


you would think so but in my state theres a law against having anything that could even be thought to be a gun. so you could be arrested having a nerf gun. :frowning:

(JG) #16

i do
i have a 720 fps sniper and it hurts like crap


i play!!! im on a team!! i have a 375 sub-machine gun(pulse r 76), a thomsan m1a1(466 fps) 2 350 fps pump shot guns(LOL) 2 gas pistols (400 fps) and 2 spring 315 fps pistols!!! im a fanatic! plus i have full tactic gear(camo) and a tornato grenade(hold 450 bbs and shoots 487 fps and uses a full c02 tank in 1 shot!!!) i love airsoft!!!(and yoyoing!!!))))))))


i have a 355 smith and wesson shot gun and a pistol ( im new to the game).


To bring this back up, I have a junky pistol and a spring 352 fps M4.