Air Crash discussion

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What do you think happened to the passenger jet?
I think it could be air turbulance.


The logo was funny. Yahoo! Singapore

Man, I hate those Airbuses.

“The weather conditions were rough; strong wind and high seas. The wind speed recorded on land at the airport was 61 km an hour. There could be other factors,” he said.

Thats probably the problem. Turbulance, yeah. The Aribuses are electric. If the blackbox (which is actually orange :P) goes down, you can’t control the plane.

It is the second Airbus to plunge into the sea this month. An Air France Airbus A330-200 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killing 228 people on board on June 1.

In 1996, a hijacked Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767 also crashed into the sea off the Comoros islands in 1996, killing 125 of 175 passengers and crew.

That might be it, also. Hijackers!

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The black box has been found! I hope they can find the cause of the crash soon.


What the heck does the black box do anyway? And why is it black?

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