AIM account hacked....

(Johnny T) #1

Ok so, in the morning from like 12-2 PM. I went on Aim to talk and such but when I got off at 2:00 PM and went on 4:00 PM. I couldnt access it anymore. It says Invalid ScreenName or Password. I tried recovering it but it wouldnt work. The password was the same as always I had. Help PLZX!!!

(JM) #2

There really isn’t a whole lot you can do to be honest. I used to work at an AOL call center and AIM isn’t a paid service so they wont help. I hate to say so, but just make a new name.

(Johnny T) #3

…Its gonna be really hard getting all 157 usernames again.

(JM) #4

That is very true, and I know it’s frustrating. You can try e-mailing the support team, but I don’t think they’ll help you. What happens when you try to log in.

(Johnny T) #5

It shows invalid password or screenname when I log in.

(JM) #6

And you recovered your password, correct?

(Johnny T) #7

Nope. It seems like he changed my email address.

(JM) #8

come to the chat.


Make sure you are using case-sensitives and/or caps where they are.


Last time I checked, it isn’t case sensitive.