Accounts with no posts


Hi people. I was randomly looking at the members list on YYE, and i realized something. A third to half or even more of the accounts on YYE, don’t even have posts  :’(

Just take a look at this link.

Whats with the accounts that have no posts?

(_|@<06) #2

i guess some people join and then all they do is read our posts…

(Mark) #3

Maybe their shy? You don’t have to be shy! We are here to make friends with you and help you! So join the Fireside Chat!


Lots of people come to watch the Learn Videos and the Shop…


I just looked and there’s close to 475, give or take a few, that have no posts. That’s close to half. I wonder why that happened.


I know about 4 of my friends have accounts and don’t ever post. But for buying, they all use the nation, exept when the nation is out of stock I always tell them to buy here. Anyways, they mostly use the learn videos.


Well, those in the top 15 have a lot of posts. I’m number 15

(Johnny T) #8

We should make the learn section for registered users who have a certain number of posts so we can attract more ppl in YYE.


We shouldn’t exclude them from learning just because they don’t post. I’m pretty sure that will lead more people away from YYE because they won’t be able to learn here anymore. YoYoExpert is here to help everyone and if we don’t let them learn here unless they post, well, we are not helping. If they don’t post, they don’t post. We shouldn’t put on any restrictions just because of that. It’s not much of a problem anyhow.