well how am i supposed to play som soccer and yoyo and still do good at school
i got
reading C-
math D
Music C+
Science -f
social studies -f
art B- yeah!!!
wood shop C+

what should i do i yoyo for 4-8 when i get home from school then have soccer at 830-11


Dude, those are horrible grades. If I were you, stop Yo-Yoing. It’s making you fail. No yime to study, or do work. :-\


stop yoyo!!! no way jose :o why would i do that


your problem is not the yoyoing. You need to start managing your time.
when you get home do your homework, if you finish before soccer then treat yourself with some yoyo time. If you dont have any time to yoyo that day then dont.
Luckily a few days of not yoyoing will not take away all of the work you have put into it. Yoyoing, no matter how much we would like it to, is not going to be a career. School comes first and then yoyoing.
Just make sure you can manage your time better and you should be fine.


my scedule
1 yoyo
2 soccer
3 sleep
4 school



You need to straighten your grades, or you’ll be a flunkie. Won’t graduate, dead end job.

No to be mean or scare you, but pull it together fast.


ah ill think…
thanks for signature


look now you are set up to get good grades :wink:

(JonasK) #9

School is a lot more than homework. If you just pay attention in class (and take notes), your grades will bump up a notch (or several). Grades are usually a measurement of how much effort you put into school.


ill think about it


Yes, correct, but pull up the F’s fast, or you’ll go down…


yeah im at sumar right now


Please read the rules, especially the ones about correct English grammer, spelling, and punctuation.

School comes first. Make sure to pay attention during school so that you can get better grades, as Pheenix said. Also, make sure that you get all of your homework done before you yoyo. If you have any projects, get them done ASAP so that you can laugh at the people that wait until the last minute to do them and you can yoyo all you want.


ahh i like laughting at people


Not literally laugh, just kind of think to yourself that they have to work hard to finish but you are already done.

Also, for some of your topics, you could have put them in the “How high can we go?” thread, seeing as it is a thread for putting whatever you want.


i can jump 120 cm hurdles
does that count


What does that have to do with anything?


It isn’t impossible to get good grades and do stuff you love.



That’s basically what I fit into a day… well usually only one sport. I had straight As last year.

John Narum (2nd best 4A yo-yoer in the world):


and many more, he still is a perfect student.