? About trick assassin yo yo


Hey guys , just joined other day. Just got back into it after about 12-15 yrs away. Ended up finding old spintastic tornado while packing for a move. Caught my interest again. Anyway I ordered a YYF velocity and Champion edition One from the shop with some accessories, just to get myself a few diff throws to get started. This whole unresponsive style is new to me. Over weekend I went to a local hobby shop byme to see if I could find anything. They didn’t have much but I did up buying a trick assassin from spintastics. Just to pass time till the others come. On box it says it has 120 diff setting response system and goes for beginner to pro level. However aside from adding the extra spacers that come with it. I do not know how else to adjust the response. So basically I can get 2 levels of response,not the stated 120. When I type in the web site they list it no longer exists. Anyone familiar with this yoyo?? And if so can you give me some advice on setting it up and what not? Thank you


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Couldn’t find much about the yoyo but I’d guess you just unscrew a little to make it unresponsive or tighten it to make it responsive.


Thanks for he welcome. I thought that but if u unscrew its lose. Even though I’m just getting back I saw there are some yo yos you unscrew a bit to help with response. But this one seems lose and wobbly if I unscrew even alil. Thanks for help though.


I believe the trick assassins are made by Spintastics, try checking their website.


How many spacers does it come with? If it comes w/more than 2, perhaps you can mix and match for different settings like the Yomega Raider EX.

BTW - the Spintastics website has no info on setting it up.

Here’s a review from “elsewhere”


Thanks for posting that review. Must be old though, cause box I got with it has none of those sayings. I did switch the original spacers for the extras that came on side and gap is alil larger. Didn’t realize at first that they where a bit longer. However I still don’t get how it has a “120 different response settings” system. And there is no info on the spintastics website about it and the website on box phatyo.com.au does not work. My problem is that it plays pretty unresponsive out of box “I did put the original smaller spacers back in”. And just coming back after years away I’m not that great binding and long string tricks yet. I guess I’ll just wait till my velocity gets here. Should be any day. I was just itching to learn and bought this on a whim. Thanks again.