wow i cant believe it i just ruined my reputation at school and everything… i told one of my friends that ive known for 2 years that i like her and now she hates me and is gonna tell everyone at school :-X


na see u got it all wrong. Take advise from a P.I.M.P. How old are you?

(Kei) #3

You’re lucky dude. I think my girlfriend is cheating on me to a guy I used to know. >:(
But either way it still sucks. Sorry that happened to you.


What if this girl said that she liked you too? Would you be embarrassed to be seen with her or to be known as her boyfriend? If not, then you shouldn’t be embarrassed if others knew that you liked her. What’s wrong with admitting you like someone and want to get to know them better? Your reputation should be safe. I applaud you for putting yourself out there and taking a chance. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out this time but there will be other times. Besides, what does it say about her if she hates you just because you said you liked her? It seems like an inappropriate reaction. Who knows, maybe she’s still cool, didn’t know how to handle the news and reacted badly. Maybe she’ll still come around once she’s pondered it a while. If not, say “Oh well…”, move on, stay cool and ignore anyone who’d give you a hard time about it. You didn’t do anything wrong and maybe you’re better off.