A Typical Saturday Mourning _(*Poem*)_


A silent wind slips through the night
A terrible dream wakes you up with a fright
A glass of water calms you down
but still the dream; a haunting sound
3 in the morning you still can’t sleep
tick…tick… the seconds creep
decide you can’t and roam past the hall
the shadows lurk and look o’ so tall

Your not the person you once knew
The violet was once bright but fades to blue
Another minute flickers by upon the clock
You hear a whistle and then a sharp knock
It is mourn and you hear noisious tiddings
It’s Saturday now journey, go look for some findings

Mother in the kitchen, Father in the yard.
I try to fake a simple smile bet yet it’s so hard
Quietly eating my cereal so soggy and dull
After a couple of bites I’m already full
Back upstairs and slump over my bed
Lay on the sheet and pull the covers over my head
This hole in my heart is covered by only a shirt
throbe…throbe… the aching hurts

My effort is vain as I try to climb this hill
wrestling forward I find no progress, I’m still
the innocent life but seems always empty
even harder with satan and friends tempting
The sun angles down towards my face
My life is nothing; I’m a waste of space

I’m in 9th grade



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(marcusWsteadman) #4

Oh and by the way you have the new relapse cd I DO TOOO!!!

I LOVE eminem.
I don’t have relapse 2 though.


Relapse 2 wont be out till later this year, Eminems taking his time I guess


rabbadxs, that was beautiful. i’m basically crying right now :’(

(stephen_cameron) #7

hey tough kid, i thought you were a tough kid (chuckle get it?)


hehhhhmmmm I get it