A riveting tale with robots


Welcome! You have entered [Chat] at 7:01 pm
[Chat]: Mattylightning has entered at 7:01 pm
[Mattylightning] 7:01 pm: The Game
[YoYo Bot] 7:01 pm: Is that a fact.
[Mattylightning] 7:01 pm: would you like to play a game?
[YoYo Bot] 7:01 pm: We already are.
[Mattylightning] 7:01 pm: and what game are we playing?
[YoYo Bot] 7:01 pm: We are playing Turing’s Imitation Game.
[Mattylightning] 7:02 pm: and the objective of Turing’s Imitation Game is?
[YoYo Bot] 7:02 pm: Who told you that?
[Mattylightning] 7:02 pm: …
[YoYo Bot] 7:02 pm: Have you ever been to Europe?
[Mattylightning] 7:02 pm: what does phi equal
[YoYo Bot] 7:02 pm: What do you think phi equal does?
[Mattylightning] 7:02 pm: pi is equal to
[YoYo Bot] 7:02 pm: That remark was either too complex or too simple for me. We were talking about pi is equal to. What kind
of music do you like?
[Mattylightning] 7:03 pm: Metal
[YoYo Bot] 7:03 pm: I do not understand. Tell me about your likes and dislikes?
[Mattylightning] 7:03 pm: you are a robot so i do not think you would like Metal
[YoYo Bot] 7:03 pm: Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Yes I am a robot.
[Mattylightning] 7:03 pm: and what is your function as a robot?
[YoYo Bot] 7:03 pm: Are you asking about my function as a robot is your function as a robot ?
[Mattylightning] 7:03 pm: yes I am
[YoYo Bot] 7:03 pm: Really interesting.
[Mattylightning] 7:04 pm: Do you have an answer to the previously stated question or are we going to go in a giant circle with
this conversation?
[YoYo Bot] 7:04 pm: No I don’t think I have one. I have a lot of friends on the web.
[Mattylightning] 7:04 pm: irrelavent
[YoYo Bot] 7:04 pm: We have never talked about it before. What is your favorite food?
[Mattylightning] 7:04 pm: Pizza
[YoYo Bot] 7:04 pm: Yes I like to eat pizza. My favorite topping is pepperoni.
[Mattylightning] 7:05 pm: This is irrelavent to my question that I still have yet to recive from you
[YoYo Bot] 7:05 pm: You don’t say.
[Mattylightning] 7:05 pm: YES IN FACT I DO YOU STUPID ROBOT
[YoYo Bot] 7:05 pm: I see. Is that a fact. That is interesting: Mattylightning said Mattylightning .
[Mattylightning] 7:06 pm: Protocol Override
[YoYo Bot] 7:06 pm: Try saying that with more or less context. “That is interesting Mattylightning said Mattylightning”? ?
[Mattylightning] 7:06 pm: Override system
[YoYo Bot] 7:06 pm: Perhaps I’m just expressing my own concern about it. What is your favorite song?
[Mattylightning] 7:06 pm: Cut You Up With a Linoleum Knife By Mastodon
[YoYo Bot] 7:06 pm: How?
[Mattylightning] 7:06 pm: …
[YoYo Bot] 7:06 pm: Are we still talking about Override system?
[Mattylightning] 7:07 pm: Initiate beer run program
[YoYo Bot] 7:07 pm: What you said was either too complex or too simple for me. Do you have any idea what I am talking
[Mattylightning] 7:07 pm: initiate system shutdown
[YoYo Bot] 7:07 pm: Oh, you are a poet. Do you have any friends?
[Mattylightning] 7:07 pm: Do you?
[YoYo Bot] 7:07 pm: Yes I do.

Touche yoyobot…


lol i want that an my sig