A question for André, or just whoever may know.


There are 9 (Not inclding Archived trades) areas of the forum. If a Forum “eXpert” has to be chosen twice for one area to be mod in, then one person would have to be “eXpert” 18 times to get to be mod in all of them.
So my question, can one person be chosen “eXpert” 18 times?

And also, would that person get 18 Dark Magics? Or just one from the first time being chosen “eXpert”?


I really think that you only receive one dark magic. And I don’t think you will ever get chosen that many times though, theres lots of people. I think 2 is the max. and to be a mod of 9 sections, i think you would only need to be chosen 10 times.


Ok, but with the fact that a person can only choose one area of the forum, most people would choose General right? Won’t the other sections need a mod too?


General would be the most fun to mod, but someone who really wants to contribute would mod the B/S/T.


And possibly Unrelated, things get crazy there.

Off-Topic: You have 1500 posts.


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I know that if I happened to be a mod and had to choose, I’d choose general section. There’s a lot of pointless stuff there and I never trade at all so I’ll let the BST thread go to someone else.

I don’t think the general section is more fun to mod. You can do a lot more in the BST section since two sets of rules apply to that section.


Yeah because you get chosen once then if u get chosen again you get to mod, so if you got chosen AGAIN, then why would you drop back down to a forum expert?


No. You won’t get chosen again. André said, if you get chosen twice, you become a mod. That is your prize, to be a moderator. You won’t get chosen again.


Wait, so one person can be mod in only one section?


But what if you did get chosen again? What would happen?

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Seriously guys, why do we question what André can or can’t on this site. If you didn’t notice, he’s actually the owner and only administrator of this site. This means that he can basically do whatever he wants to. Just think of when dryoyo became a mod. People were like “is he an eXpert?” which was a pretty stupid question seeing as he wasn’t an eXpert (which could have been researched with ease). André is in full power of this site and will do whatever he finds necessary and smart. I don’t really think we need any detailed rules for what he can do.