A little update (not that you care or anything) lol

(SR) #1

It’s been awhile. lol

With all this school stuff lately and all this homework I haven’t really been able to come on. I kinda sucks actually. Lately my life is PACKED with stuff. Although its clearing up a bit so I guess I’ll be able to come on more. In the little time I have had, I have been yoyoing. I have recently started 5a and I love it to death. Even though I suck haha. Haven’t been really keeping up on my 1a tricks all that much though but I feel I am just like… coming up with trick after trick with five a. I’ll be exploring a little bit but if there’s anything major I have missed, post it here.



You havent really missed anything, besides General-Yo revealing the “Essence”. Oh yeah and there was this whole thing going on with Duncan and YYF and duncan’s counterweight patent… :slight_smile: