20-EH-Teen justification sale

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Hi I have a bunch of throws that I simply don’t use, and I want to sell them to the good people of the forum. Here’s a pic of the lot, and I will list ballpark prices below, if you want more info or pics, shoot me a pm, prices include shipping to conus.

Alrighty, I have added a few throws,
1st row: YYF Bimetal superstar, few small scratches, $30. Raw turning point shake, few pinpricks, $40. YYO yacare is sold!! Few marks C3 teleport, $35.
2nd row: Confusion is sold!!! Moonshine is sold!!!
3rd row: YYO orbis, quite a few dings, $20. YYO pause, a few marks $20. YYF dogma, quite a few marks, $20. YYF og popstar, one big nick, $15. Recess first base, few dents, $15.
4th row: CLYW yeti 2.0, near mint, $15. Magic yoyo Skyva, few marks, $15. YYF Protostar, near mint $15. C3 speedaholics, both barely used, $13 each or both for $20.
5th row: TMBR is sold! OUT just for fun is sold! YYF legend, doc pop edition, I have too many legends, $10 mint. YYJ go big, few marks, $15.
The ones in the top right will be throw ins, if you want them specifically let me know.
Thanks sorry this ones long!

In light of the new EH’s dropping, I am selling some of my favourite throws to justify my purchase,

First, my AL7 quake, 40/50 in the chainmail colour, I believe, I don’t have the box, but I have the certificate, it has some dings around it, $100. My play simply no jive, near mint, just one scuff, $40. A peak 2 with some dings, don’t remember the colourway, $70. And my YYF role model, very beat up, $25.

If you pm tonight/ tomorrow morning I can ship by tomorrow.


Nice yoyos you got there. Be a shame if anything… happened… to them. :wink:

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Uh-oh, the gauntlet has been unknowingly thrown :neutral_face:

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Bumping this, added a few new ones!

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Daily bump, OUT and TMBR are sold!

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Bump, added some throws so I can buy the new EH in good conscience.


Wait did the DV888 actually sell from here?

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Sorta, I sent it to @Theolodger for the price of shipping.


Yep …