1000 POSTS! YAY!

(SR) #1

http://www.mtnds.com/info/img/balloons.jpg http://www.mtnds.com/info/img/balloons.jpg

I have 1000 posts! I apoligize for the Forum Graffiti, LOL! First one to take a picture and post it in this thread wins a free Thank-You (thankyou button) ;D

(Jeromy K.) #2

Yah woo hoo I guess :stuck_out_tongue:



What was the point of making this? A lot of people have reached 1000 before you…

(SR) #4

I know. I am happy lol. :smiley:


Being happy doesn’t mean you have to spam.

(Mitch) #6

So? Its in the proper section… Its not hurting anyone…

Congrats to you SR!


Lol grats. Make one of these posts when you get 1337 posts. It will read “leet”.


Like Samad said, there was really no point to this even though it was in the proper section. This is what the “How high can we go?” thread is for.

But I guess congrats. 1000 is a lot. Maybe this is like getting 100,000 points on Guitar Hero, like in South Park? “You are Rock Stars!” Maybe like 5000 is like 1 million? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


rsmod 123 how do you do thaat

(JayVee) #10

There’s a Print Screen button on most keyboards. Press it and it will be like you copied the screen. Just paste it in something like MS Paint and save.