10-10-10! The best day ever!


As most people with any contact with the outside world undoubtedly know, today is 10-10-10, or Binary Day. Even better than that is 101010 translated to decimal is 42, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything! But wait! There’s more! 101010 translated to hexadecimal is 2A!!! So everyone should make sure to break out their loopers for some 2-handed play! Maybe it also means that the answer to everything is 2A play? I should practice…


Someone has a good teacher


yet even more! My sisters birthday is on 101010 and she just turned 10 years old! no joke!

(JayVee) #4

I would if I could but I can’t so I won’t :stuck_out_tongue:


i really wish i could believe you but i do know very many people on earth turned 10 today


would i lie to you? ok maybe i would… but i didnt lie on that post. She turned ten and got a karaoke machine that doesnt work from her grandma.

one more thing, how can i prove that im correct like always?


you can’t. thats the problem. i really wish i could believe you but ill give you the benefit of the doubt. :wink:

(Mi) #8

Too bad by the time people realize this, it will be over. :frowning:


Pretty ironic how 10-10-10 ties into yoyoing. :smiley:


At 10 seconds past 10:10 10/10/10 I jumped in the air, yelled woohoo, made a wish, and flopped back on my bed while the deadline WHOOSHED by.

(M²) #11

I heard 3000 couples got married yesterday on news or something. They think it’s a lucky day to be married i guess.