1 1/2 mount trouble


Help! So many tricks are based off the 1 1/2 mount and I have trouble getting it. When I try to push it into the string, it just ricochets off the top string. If you can help me troubleshoot or had the same problem, PLEASE help me!




Well its just basically doing an undermount on the top string.


you should put some slack on that top string so it can catch on easier. hope that helped


I’m also struggling with this mount but all I can say is keep practicing.


Ya put some slack on the top one dont pull the whole thing tight until the string is landed. also if you bring your throw hand under the yoyo as its coming around that can help too.


The distance between your throwhand finger and the yo-yo is important. Look at this tutorial and notice how far away his finger is:



Win your gitting ready to roll over your pointer finger right as the yoyo hits the top string you have to give it some slack to roll over your throwhand pointer finger. hope this helps