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Please/ my name is Madina Kabiru from South Sudan . 24 years old girl,

I want you to help me to transfer my late father money $800.000.00 from a bank in this country where i stay to your account in your country for investment, I am residing in the refugee camp here in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso as a result of the civil war going on in my country Sudan.

My father Mr. William Kabiru was the former Minister for SPLA Affairs and Special Adviser to President Salva Kiir of South Sudan for Decentralization before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my parents. I was the only survivor of my family since I was the only child of my parents and I managed to make my way to this country Burkina Faso where I am leaving now. I would like to know more about you and what you are doing presently. so that we can discusse more on the transfer of my money to your country which i want you to help me with.
In this regards I will like you to contact the bank immediately after I receive your response I will send an authurization letter to the bank and i will send the bank contact to you to contact them. hence you are assuring me that you will not cheat or betrayed me because this money is the only legacy i have from my late father, you will tell the bank that you are my Trustee and you want to know the possibilities of assisting me transfer the money ($800.000.00 Dollars) deposited in thire bank in this country.
Hoping to hear from you soonest,

Yours Faithfully
Madina Kabiru.

I got this letter in my email…


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Yeah I have a fair number of fake emails myself. You’ve got the funniest one I have ever seen. This person really needs to go back to their ESL course. Report it dump it, and then move on repeat the proccess in any reoccuring future events


lol, spam.

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Nigerian prince scams are obviously obvious these days…


only one way to solve this do you have $800.000.00 Dollars in your bank acount? :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you for real?


Scams? Psh, I’ve been helping about 7 of them. It’s no scam…


yes, samad is rich…


ironically that much sudanese currency is only worth $337,197.05 in american dollars…lol


Hmmm, still not paying it. ;D ;D

I’d rather invest in a Gnarwal.